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Co-Parenting Without Marriage Or Divorce As Steps In The Process

The timeline for building a family is not a one-size-fits-all equation. More and more couples have children before getting married or without getting married at all. If you are finding your way forward as an unmarried parent, you are most certainly not alone.

As a family law attorney with a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling, I am also a divorced father committed to preserving the strength of my role in my children’s lives. I understand your concerns about your parent-child relationship. As a compassionate, skilled lawyer, I am here to explain your legal options and guide you toward the solutions you need to navigate the rest of the journey of childrearing without fear or uncertainty. I am attorney Angelo C. Banks, serving clients in both Missouri and Kansas in the Kansas City area. I am ready to help you understand and hold on to your rights as an unmarried parent.

Legal Solutions That Can Give Your Family Life More Stability

Pursuing proper child custody and support orders is an important way to protect yourself and your child from forces beyond your control. Perhaps you believed unmarried parenting was working fine until a serious dispute with the other parent or a breakdown in your relationship made you realize your need for legal counsel. Determining legal paternity may be the first step, followed by:

  • A child custody and visitation agreement
  • A child support order
  • A collaborative approach to preserving both parents’ relationships with your shared child or children

By resolving co-parenting issues amicably now, you can ideally maintain positive family relationships, co-parent well and, hopefully, sit together someday at your child’s future graduation without lifelong scars.

Things You Need To Know About Single Parenting

The laws of Missouri and Kansas hold parents responsible for providing for their children regardless of whether they are married. When unmarried parents separate and disagree about how to co-parent effectively, family life can become more complicated in a hurry, even when there has been no marriage or divorce in the picture.

Every family’s story is unique, and every parent-child relationship is critical to a child’s well-being. As you and your child’s other parent find your way forward in family life without having been married to each other, it is important for you to have clear, compassionate, no-nonsense legal advice. Your child’s stability and your peace of mind may depend on it.

Get Legal Guidance For Your Custody Case As An Unmarried Parent

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