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3 reasons people choose divorce mediation in Missouri

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Uncontested Divorce

Many couples in Missouri facing divorce would like the process to be over quickly and to preserve their dignity and finances as best as possible. Unfortunately, the approach employed by many people during their divorces will prove antithetical to those goals.

People become emotional and contentious during divorce, making the process more expensive and embarrassing. A significant percentage of couples preparing for the end of their marriages now turn to divorce mediation to settle matters like the division of their finances and their child custody arrangements.

What benefits inspire couples to sit down and cooperate during their divorces?

The privacy of mediation

One of the best aspects of mediation is how the process is typically confidential. You and your ex can talk about their spending habits or cheating without making those issues part of the public record.

Couples who have disputes about certain details that relate to misconduct may find that mediation is beneficial because it allows them to reach a fair solution without causing reputation damage. Privacy can also be important for those who would prefer their children never have access to the details of their divorce negotiations.

The lower cost of mediation

In theory, mediation may sound very expensive. You have to sit down with both of your attorneys for hours to talk about difficult issues. You also have to pay a third party to sit in on those negotiations and help you work out a compromise.

However, it is common for couples to spend less on their divorces when they successfully mediate and have an uncontested divorce than when they litigate and fight in court over certain matters.

The protection of their children

Divorce litigation can be very stressful for children. They may worry that they have to speak up during custody hearings. If they attend court, they could hear testimony about the behavior of either parent that could damage their relationships and even their self-esteem. If you and your spouse can settle everything in mediation, then your children don’t have to witness any sort of courtroom conflict and will get to avoid the stress of making their preferences about custody arrangements known.

Mediation helps even those in the middle of a messy dispute find a way to settle their disagreement and move on with their lives. Considering divorce mediation could help you finally resolve the outstanding issues and file an uncontested divorce.